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Son of Grid Engine is a community continuation of the old Sun Grid Engine project. It is a (big, and increasing) superset of the apparently dead Univa distribution and aims to integrate useful existing patches, utilities, to be more-or-less a superset free version. Contributions of code, documentation, bug reports, packaged binaries, etc. are very welcome.

The Trac site hosts the source repository from which some of the documentation below is directly derived, as well as the bug tracker. See the download area for source and binary releases. There's a distribution-specific mail list, but the list is the best place for general Grid Engine help and discussion.


These are mostly fairly generic, and largely apply also to versions based on the SGE 6.2u5 code. However, the ones derived from the code base above describe some additional features.

User-level documents

Developer-level documents


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This is a somewhat random collection of links to additional material that may be useful.