Common Administrative Tasks for Grid Engine

Qconf is the command used for most administrative tasks. This HOWTO contains a selection of the most frequently used options. See qconf(1) for more details.

Adding and removing administrative privileges from a host

  • qconf -ah # gives host administrative privileges

  • qconf -dh # removes administrative privileges from host

Adding an execution host

  • Make the new host an administrative host

    qconf -ah <hostname>

  • As root on this new host, run the following script from $SGE_ROOT


Removing an execution host

  • First, delete the queues associated with this host

    qconf -dq <queuenames...>

  • Delete the host

    qconf -de <hostname>

  • Finally, delete the configuration for the host

    qconf -dconf <hostname>

Adding and removing submit hosts

  • qconf -as <hostname> # host is now a submit host

  • qconf -ds <hostname> # jobs may not be submitted from host

Displaying current administrative/submit/execution hosts

  • qconf -sh # show current administrative hosts

  • qconf -ss # show current submit hosts

  • qconf -sel # show current execution host list

Administering queues

  • qconf -aq <queuename> # adding a queue

  • qconf -dq <queuename> # delete a queue

  • qconf -mq <queuename> # modify a queue

  • qconf -Aq <filename> # adding a queue from file

  • qconf -mattr queue ... # change single attributes of more than one queue