Globus Integration

If you must use Globus...

Globus 5

Globus 5 has Grid Engine integration. It may need tweaking for your site.

Globus 2/4

The original Globus 2/4 integration for Grid Engine was done by Marko Krznaric of Imperial College. See also Globus consrtium docs. Various fixed/modified versions of this exist, including ApGrid's and VDT's (somewhere under

An alternative integration package for Globus Toolkit and Grid Engine has been developed by GridwiseTech. There is a restrictive licence agreement in front of it, but the headers in the actual code you can retrieve specify free licences (GNU GPL and Globus). There is also a DRMAA implementation there, but the GPL'd Perl code involved has no exception to allow linking with the Grid Engine DRMAA library, which is under the GPL-incompatible SISSL.