qsched, process-scheduler-log - show scheduling information on resource


       qsched [-u user|--user=user] [-a|--all] [-j jid_list|--jid=jid_list]
       [-f|--full] [-s j|--sort=j] [-q|--queues] [-d|--debug] [-h|--help]
       process-scheduler-log [-v]


       qsched reports resources being reserved for jobs on the basis of the
       schedule file, which is processed by process-scheduler-log, which runs
       continuously.  Generating schedule requires setting MONITOR=1 in the
       params parameter of the scheduler (see sched_conf(5)).

       process-scheduler-log should simply be started in the background as it
       does not currently daemonize itself.  Alternatively, it could be run
       under daemonize(1), or adapted to run as a global load sensor (see
       sge_execd(8)).  It needs SGE_ROOT and SGE_CELL set in the environment
       when it starts.

       qsched and process-scheduler-log both potentially need editing to
       configure for the local installation, particularly the definition of
       $trim_string in qsched.


       -a | --all
              View jobs belonging to all users (synonym for -u user) View jobs
              belonging to user.

       -d | --debug
              Print debugging information.

       -f | --full
              Print all available data for each job.

       -h | --help
              Print help information.

       -j jid_list | --jid=jid_list
              jid_list is a comma-separated list of job ids to view.

       -q | --queues
              Sort output by queue.

       -s j | --sort=j
              Sort output by job id.

       -u user | --user=user
              View jobs belonging to user.

       -v     Print information on standard output.  -u *).

       The default is to sort by start time.


              Contains the process id of process-scheduler-log.

              Consulted to check that the qmaster is active.

              Normal schedule monitoring file.

              Contents of last complete scheduling interval seen in schedule


       sched_conf(5), daemonize(1)


       Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@leeds.ac.uk>
       Man page by Dave Love <d.love@liverpool.ac.uk>

SGE 8.1.3pre                      2011-08-25                         qsched(1)

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