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Tools/add-ons &c for SGE

This list needs expanding, and possibly contracting elsewhere — suggestions welcome. These things aren't all necessarily recommended, or even known to work. See also the HOWTO section.


Maintains a database view of the reporting data. Distributed with SGE releases. The ARCo web-based console isn't supported.
SunGrid Graphical Accounting Engine
Web graphical display of accounting data.
Another database/web system for accounting data.
Replacement for UBMoD, but more complicated.
Gold Allocation Manager
Tracks resource usage and allows limiting use to given allowances. Seems to have been purged apart from the web site, but v. download available. Requires grid engine integration — contributions wanted. See also the old experimental version.
could probably be used with SGE with a little work

Service management

See the distribution of the companion Service Domain Manager system and documentation.

Energy saving (power-up/down) systems

These could use evaluating, but really need support from SGE to do a better job.

Green scheduler
SDM (Hedeby) "cloud" component

Licence management

(Preferably just say No.)

Load sensor-based integration of external licence managers with consumables (now free software);
Licence juggler
Juggling between clusters


GE Web Application
Web Application to check the status of jobs on a Grid Engine Cluster.
Web interface to monitor jobs and queues.
Display of qstat output via XSLT transformations; the original author suggests PHPQstat instead.
Job Monarch
puts reporting into Ganglia; the SGE support needs tidying up.
Node Health Check or nodediag
can be used in load sensors to set an alarm load level in case of problems.

Networked submission

See also PTP.

Grid Engine Portal
The old code might be revived by porting away from the non-free com.oreilly.servlet package and to a current free servlet engine;
OGF HPC Basic Profile/Basic Execution Service (BES)
BES++, QCG-Computing, GridSAM (if you must use SOAP web services)
Rapid Portal Development
Rapid development of portal-based user interfaces for submitting jobs.
Asynchronous Job Operator
A tool designed and developed to provide a transparent gateway between a web application or service and an HPC system.
Light component accepting commands to manage jobs on different Local Resource Management Systems.
Redmine/CWA - Cluster Web Access
Redmine plugin for Cluster Access via the web.


Maintaining Kerberos (or AFS) credentials
The basic Kerberos security model doesn't fit at all well with batch computing, and it's necessary to subvert it to some extent. See arcxd discussed in a workshop paper and AUKS, which is now recommended but currently without an SGE integration recipe. There is also an old system PSR intended for managing AFS access under PBS which might be adaptable.

Hadoop (et al) integration

[You might be better off with MR-MPI and/or PHISH for that sort of thing on an HPC system.]

HDFS-aware integration in the SGE distribution. It builds against an old Hadoop distribution. On an HPC system, you probably just want to use a normal parallel filesystem under Hadoop anyway; there are free connectors for OrangeFS, GlusterFS, and now Lustre.
Hadoop on Demand under SGE (may need updating).
myHadoop and update(?)
doesn't have an SGE port, but that's probably easy and worthwhile for a more general framework.
The Intel scheduling connector
also doesn't have an SGE port.

Parallel Debugger Interfaces

See also PTP.

Script interfacing the padb parallel debugger to work in terms of SGE jobs.


In case qmake isn't good enough to express dependencies:
"Workflow interpreter and processor" in the distribution as an example of DRMAA with Ruby.
Manage the creation, execution and monitoring of a directed acyclic graph (DAG) of commands (somewhat more general than qmake).
nextflow has an SGE executor

IDE support

Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform
Supposedly supports SGE, but needs fixing, particularly not to use showq.

Other Interfaces

Perl DRMAA binding. Unfortunately the GPL licence isn't compatible with the SISSL of the SGE DRMAA library.
Alternative DRMAA bindings
Gridway has alternative bindings for Java and Ruby to the ones distributed with SGE. It isn't known whether they work against the SGE C library.
Go DRMAA binding
Has the same GPL/SISSL licence issue as the Perl one.
SGE library for ruby
Low-level Python interface to Sun Grid Engine


Deploy SGE-based cluster on Amazon Web Services (actually needs porting to use SoGE)
Chef cookbook


System for visual effects work.