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This is Son of Grid Engine version v8.0.0c.

NB:  There's a known problem with this version involving classic
<> which
should be fixed (slightly differently) in the 20111016 snapshot and
later ones <>.

See <>, and installation instructions at
<>.  Based on v8.0.0 from
<>.  See for information on
differences from that and 6.2u5.

* sge-8.0.0c.tar.gz:  Source tarball

* RPMs for Red Hat, installing into /opt/sge, no GUI installer or
  Hadoop support:

  * gridengine-8.0.0c-1.src.rpm:  SRPM for Red Hat 5/6

  * gridengine-8.0.0c-1.x86_64.rpm
    gridengine-qmon-8.0.0c-1.x86_64.rpm: RPMs for Red Hat 5, installing
    into /opt/sge; no GUI installer or Hadoop support
  * hwloc-1.3-0.src.rpm, hwloc-devel-1.3-0.x86_64.rpm,
    hwloc-1.3-0.x86_64.rpm:  source and Red Hat 5 binary RPMs for the
    hwloc library depended on by the gridengine RPMs

* dbwriter-8.0.0a.tar.gz:  dbwriter component of ARCo (8.0.0a is compatible)

More (S)RPMS may be found at,
thanks to Florian La Roche.

Please note that at some copyright/licence information is missing from
the binary files.  (The omissions are inherited from the original Sun
distribution.)  The files have been left intact, reflecting builds
from this version of the repository.  Please see for updated
licence information and ensure that the required information
accompanies any binary redistribution, but note that anyway source
must be provided to satisfy the licences of most of the components.