[GE users] SGE6.0u6: qselect, qhost and load sensor values ...

Wilfried Gänsheimer wilfried at gaensheimer.de
Mon Dec 19 19:27:11 GMT 2005

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I have upgraded to SGE6.0u6 recently (Linux, Opteron, Solaris; courtesy 
classic spooling). So far everythings works as expected.

But there are some differences with the handling  of  load sensor  
reported values  (strings),
which we use extensivly:

1. qselect -l foo=bar
 ignores hosts that report the correct value. Though there is no problem 
requesting such resources and scheduling. I just don't get qselect to 
also list these hosts
(e.g. one resource is "distribution", which is something like "RHEWS3").
To get matching hosts/queues, I have to use "qhosts", but that does not 
really help
(in case several resources are combined).

2. qhost -l foo=bar
also reports the "global" and hosts, that are currently down (with " - - 
-") and so report no
value at all. That issue is more a nuisance.

3. Setting a default value for (re)string values is not possible. In 5.3 
there was a default value,
which is gone?

4. qstat -F -q all.q at foo
does not find the queue instance "all.q at foo". Adding a * does work:
  qstat -F -q all.q at foo\*

I have searched the mail list, but haven't found anyone else reporting 
the same issue.
Did I find a bug?

Thanks, bye

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