[GE users] SGE 6.1 (6.1u3) sends double email notifications

adary adary at marvell.com
Wed Dec 1 15:21:56 GMT 2010

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To clarify this,

Job is sent with ?m a and ?M user at email parameters

When a job is killed with qdel, two emails are sent to the user instead of one.

First email is the regular emai:

Job 1016932 (vim) Aborted

 Exit Status      = 137

 Signal           = KILL

 User             = adary

 Queue            = heavy at lnx4073.il.marvell.com

 Host             = lnx4073.il.marvell.com

 Start Time       = 12/01/2010 16:04:53

 End Time         = 12/01/2010 16:05:20

 CPU              = 00:00:00

 Max vmem         = 408.438M

failed assumedly after job because:

job 1016932.1 died through signal KILL (9)

Second mail looks like this:

Job 1079336 (sleep)  was killed by adary at adary-lnx.il.marvell.com<mailto:adary at adary-lnx.il.marvell.com>

I cant find a reason for this behavior, and users clain that they started getting the second mail only in the last few weeks (this grid is in production for the last three years)

Anyone got an idea how can something like this happen and how to suppress the extra second mail?

Another related question: Is there a way to get only one email when a job array is killed? Right now in ideal situation I would get a mail for every running task in the job array (and we have arrays of 500+ running tasks)

Looking forward to any answers :)


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