[GE users] [GE announce] Product Forum & Incubator Project

templedf daniel.templeton at oracle.com
Fri Dec 3 00:15:55 GMT 2010

As we're settling down into our new home at Oracle, we're slowly 
figuring out how to take advantage of all the facilities that are now 
available to us.  Today I'd like to introduce you to two of them:

Oracle Grid Engine product forum

The Oracle Forum is a site for users to post product questions to be 
answered by Oracle and other members of the community.  A while back I 
had a forum created for Grid Engine, and now we're finally announcing it.

You can use the Grid Engine forum to ask questions, report problems, or 
otherwise seek grid-enabled enlightenment.  Sound like the same idea as 
open source users list?  It largely is, with two main differences. 
First the forum, being a web site, as opposed to a mailing list, has 
more bells and whistles to sort through the chaos and help keep track of 
the questions and answers that have already been posted.  Second, 
because it's the product forum, it's a great place to pose questions 
about the product, such as about 6.2u6 (which isn't currently available 
in the open source).

Oracle Grid Engine Incubator Project

The Oracle Sample Code site is a place for community members to share 
and collaboratively develop things like sample applications, product 
integrations, and common utilities.  I've created an incubator project 
there for the Grid Engine community to act as a catch-all for useful 
code related to Grid Engine.  Over the holidays I will probably work on 
coalescing some of my other projects (Passau, Ybbs, etc) onto the site.

My plan for the site is to make it the home for all those scripts that 
people develop in their day-to-day Grid Engine administration and are 
willing to share.  Obvious candidates are MPI integrations, file staging 
prolog/epilog scripts, transfer queue implementations, and other clever 
uses of prologs, epilogs, starter methods, JSVs, load sensors, shepherd 
wrappers, and whatever other code the rest of the community might find 

Why do we need yet another source code repository?  Well, the open 
source site is not really structured to facilitate wide open 
contribution and collaboration.  There's no way to restrict committer 
access for the main source code but leave a contributor section wide 
open.  With this new site, restrictions will be minimal, because it's 
intended to be by the community for the community.  Think of it as the 
source code corollary to Dag's gridengine.info site.

I'm pretty excited about these two new resources for our community, and 
I hope you are as well.  I'm really looking forward to seeing them put 
to good use.



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