[GE users] Possible to remove/control e-mail domain for cluster notifications?

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Dec 3 19:04:34 GMT 2010


Am 03.12.2010 um 19:56 schrieb reidac:

>  I'm running the Debian-packaged GridEngine 6.2u4 on a small 
> cluster here, and I've recently discovered a problem with e-mail
> notifications -- the system is defaulting to sending these to
> "<user>@<submit-host>", but these mails are getting stuck.
>  There actually is a mail relay on the cluster subnet, but it
> only accepts mail for local delivery.  The actual nodes run
> "nullmailer", and are set up to default to a domain 
> which the mail relay recognizes as "local". 
>  The problem is that this default local domain does not 
> correspond to the names of the submit hosts -- consequently
> the mail relay is blocking these messages.
>  A work-around is for users to put "#$ -M <username>"
> (or "#$ -M <username>@<local-domain>") in their scripts.  
> A more automatic set-up could be achieved if I set up an
> an interior DNS server for my cluster subnet with MX
> records for the submit hosts that would translate them to 
> the mail relay's local domain.
>  But what I really want is for SGE to get it right in 
> the first place -- I'd like the default e-mails to be
> addressed to either just <username>, or 
> <username>@<prescribed-domain-independent-of-submit-host>.

you have two options:

a) use an SGE mail-wrapper

b) adjust the domain in e.g. postfix:

$ cat sender_canonical
/^(.*@).*$/     ${1}domain.example.invalid

(main.cf must be changed from hash to regexp for sender_canonical, no postmap necessary)

-- Reuti

>  Is this possible?
>  Thanks.
> 				-- A.
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