[GE users] Possible to remove/control e-mail domain for cluster notifications?

hawson beckerjes at mail.nih.gov
Fri Dec 3 19:35:01 GMT 2010

Hi Andrew,

On Fri, Dec 03, 2010 at 01:56:32PM -0500, reidac wrote:
>Hi all --
>  I'm running the Debian-packaged GridEngine 6.2u4 on a small 
>cluster here, and I've recently discovered a problem with e-mail
>notifications -- the system is defaulting to sending these to
>"<user>@<submit-host>", but these mails are getting stuck.

I've gotten this to work with Postfix on both the head node and compute

>  There actually is a mail relay on the cluster subnet, but it
>only accepts mail for local delivery.  The actual nodes run
>"nullmailer", and are set up to default to a domain 
>which the mail relay recognizes as "local". 

At a minimum, you'll need to configure the MTA on the head node to relay
mail for the cluster subnet.  Unless, of course, your nodes can connect
directly to an external mail server...

The relevant bits of my psotfix conf...

on the head node main.cf:
	# Set the domain
	mydomain = domain.com
	myorigin = $myhostname

	#Relay for these networks:
	mynetworks =

	# Now, send all outbound mail, including that 
	# which is relayed elsewhere.  The brackets mean
	# do *NOT* check MX records for the mail server;
	# just send to this host.  Period.
	relayhost = [mailrelay.domain.com]

On the compute nodes:

	mydomain = cluster.domain.com
	myorigin = $mhostname

	# Send all mail *ONLY* to the head node for relaying.
	relayhost = []
Also make sure that you set postfix to listen on the correct interfaces.

>  The problem is that this default local domain does not 
>correspond to the names of the submit hosts -- consequently
>the mail relay is blocking these messages.
>  A work-around is for users to put "#$ -M <username>"
>(or "#$ -M <username>@<local-domain>") in their scripts.  
>A more automatic set-up could be achieved if I set up an
>an interior DNS server for my cluster subnet with MX
>records for the submit hosts that would translate them to 
>the mail relay's local domain.

You could tell users to add this to their respective ~/.sge_request files,
but that's a poor workaround, not a solution.

>  But what I really want is for SGE to get it right in 
>the first place -- I'd like the default e-mails to be
>addressed to either just <username>, or 
>  Is this possible?

I think that SGE is pretty simple when it comes to mail handling--it
just passes what it is given off to the mail subsystem.  If that doens't
work correctly, SGE won't either.

Jesse Becker
NHGRI Linux support (Digicon Contractor)


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