[GE users] Description for Load Scaling, Usage Scaling parameters

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Dec 14 19:17:55 GMT 2010

Am 14.12.2010 um 19:17 schrieb hjmangalam:

> Is there a FAQ, whitepaper, doc, manual or wiki that describes the 
> individual parameters that can be set in the execution host 
> configuration (esp in the: 'Load Scaling' & 'Usage Scaling' section 
> that is offered by qmon? 
> [ qmon -> Host Configuration -> Add -> Scaling -> Load Scaling & Usage 
> Scaling]
> This seems to be the same list of parameters that can be generated by 
> the 'qconf -sc' command.
> Some of them seem to be straightforward, at least until you run into 
> others that seem to conflict (processors vs slots, for example).

There is a document in "$SGE_ROOT/doc/load_parameters.asc", while it still doesn't cover all entries (but at least the load values).

AFAIK there is no central document explaining all (default) entries in one place, but it could be task to extend the complex mapage not only to list the available complexes, but to explain them too.

-- Reuti

> A few others are explained in the 'complex' or 'queue_conf' man mages, 
> but there doesn't seem to be any doc that centralizes the explanation 
> of what they actually mean/imply.  What's left is to randomly assign 
> values and wait for a job to explode and then try to do an autopsy on 
> the remains.
> Is there such a doc?  I'd be very happy to RTFM.
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