[SGE-discuss] Missing environment with "display_win_gui=true"

Thimo Neubauer thimo.neubauer at cst.com
Wed Nov 23 10:57:00 GMT 2011


I've got a problem with Grid Engine on Windows hosts and wanted to check 
whether I'm missing something obvious or encountering a bug. What I'm 
experiencing is that the usual GE environment variables (including 
PE_HOSTFILE) aren't set when "-l display_win_gui=true" is set. You can 
see the effect when you qsub

   /dev/fs/C/Windows/System32/cmd.exe /c "set S > c:\env.txt"

where "c:\env.txt" will contain all environment variables starting with 
"S". With "display_win_gui=true" I don't see a single SGE_* variable; 
without I get  SGE_CELL, SGE_ARCH, etc. like I expected. I'm working 
with sources I've taken from darcs in June. Before upgrading to 8.0.0c 
I've decided to review the diff: nothing in there seems like fix to me.

I've traced the sources so far as to understand that SGE_Helper_Service 
is used for the display_win_gui mode and that it constructs an 
environment for the process. However I don't understand the architecture 
enough to see how execd/shepherd pass information into the helper.

My use case is a test of our Windows-GUI based application which can 
initiate MPI computations. Without PE_HOSTFILE I fail to see how I can 
find out which hosts I can use for the MPI run :)


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