[SGE-discuss] suspend threshold ping-pong

Stella Levin stella_levin2003 at yahoo.com
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Yes. In our environment the jobs are memory consuming and the memory is a critical resource.

In some cases we cannot predict correctly the size of the job.

Thanks for reply.

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Am 02.10.2011 um 11:29 schrieb Stella Levin:

> Hi sge-discuss group,
> we defined 
> suspend_thresholds mt_mem_swap_io=1
> and
> mt_mem_swap_io=1 when "writing to swap" happens ("so" column of vmstat)
> We experience "ping-pong" behavior with suspend - continue of jobs.
> The job starts to write to swap and it is suspended, after the suspension no other jobs writing to swap and within suspend_interval the job is continued... and suspended again and continued again.
> Sometimes we cannot predict exactly the size of the job, and they start to swap. 
> - Is it possible to continue the job with different threshold conditions, for example there is a free memory on the host for the job, or something similar
> - Other options to solve the problem ?

unfortunately this is a known "bug/feature/issue" and there is already an issue for it:


Though it's not implemented.


Your current setup is to schedule jobs to a node until it starts to swap?

-- Reuti

> Thanks a lot.
> Stella
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