[SGE-discuss] shepherd exited with exit status 127: invalid execution state

Eloi Gaudry eloi.gaudry at fft.be
Tue Mar 6 09:03:41 GMT 2012


I've been switching to Sun Of Grid Engine (8.0.0d) lately.

I built the binaries from source flawlessly and did the installation from scratch on the master node and the slave nodes without any issue (on debian squeeze).

When I begun testing the installation, I just figured out that no job could be launched successfully. When I look at the spool directory of the abraham node on which I tried to launch a job, I see:

   03/06/2012 09:47:36|  main|abraham|E|shepherd exited with exit status 127: invalid execution state

I've checked that the spool directory was readable/writable by any user and it was. I've checked that the sge_shepherd executable could be found and was running fine on the slave node but now, I don't know what to check in order to solve this annoying issue. 

Any help would be appreciate.


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