[SGE-discuss] SSL issues with Son of Grid Engin 8.1.9 and Centos 7

Maximilian Friedersdorff maf54 at aber.ac.uk
Tue Jan 17 10:53:23 GMT 2017

I've tried to install SGE8.1.9 on Centos 7 (for real this time),
I am running into some issues that I did not occur on a test VM.

It is possible to launch the qmaster process, but not to
communicate with
it after the fact.  This is not an issue with the firewalld
service, it
is disabled. The error message indicates an SSL issue:

# qstat
error: commlib error: ssl connect error (SSL handshake error)
error: commlib error: ssl error ([ID=1409441b] in module "SSL
routines": "tlsv1 alert decrypt error")
error: unable to contact qmaster using port 6444 on host <omitted>

The service is listening at the expected port as confirmed with

Trying to connect with openssl also works (as far as I can tell):

openssl s_client -connect <omitted>:6444

The issues seems superficially similar with the one mentioned in
however there was no resolution in that case (seemingly).

Many Thanks


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