Typographical Conventions

In the interests of clarity, a number of typograhical conventions are used throughout this guide. Text written in bold typewriter font should be typed as shown whereas text written in italic typewriter font should be replaced by your own specific options. For example in:

$ cd /home/your-username

you should type cd /home/ as shown but replace your-username by your own username. Note that the dollar symbol $ is just the UNIX convention for a command and should not be typed. You will also need to press [Return] after entering each command (this has been omitted throughout this guide). All commands and file/directory names in UNIX are case sensitive so that cd in not the same as CD and MyFile.txt in not the same as myfile.txt. If you are used to using Microsoft Word, beware - this match catch you out.

Words inserted between square brackets indicate keys to be pressed. For example [Ctrl-c] means press the [Ctrl] key and c at the same time. [Esc]= means press the [Esc] key, release it and the press the = key.

Hints and asides are shown in a light blue box.

Warnings and other important points are shown in light red box.

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