[GE users] Getgrgid on OSX

Roger Kylin rkylin at segmail.com
Fri Apr 2 17:10:02 BST 2004

I am running GridEngine 5.3 and trying to qsub from Mac OSX 10.3.3.  I
get an:

error: getgrgid(8227) failed: Interrupted system call
failed to getgrgid(8227): Interrupted system call

Error when I try to qsub.  From an old message, Andy Schwierskott (with
respect to Solaris)

The primary group id on a host executing a SGE command needs to be
resolvable. This is not the case in your environment.

You need to check your /etc/group and /etc/nsswitch.* files.

You might discover that "id" for users who have this problem only
the group id, not the group name.

However, NetInfo manager handles all of this in OSX.  How can I qsub
from OSX?



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