[GE users] subordinate queues

Patrice Seyed apseyed at bu.edu
Mon Apr 5 05:38:31 BST 2004


I've had some success with subordinate queues, getting it to work as
advertised with job suspension. However it seems that the concept wasn't
build with dual cpu boxes in mind. With 2 max slots set, if you have 2 jobs
running in a subordinate queue, and a job is submitted into an "express"
queue that it subordinates to, 3 jobs will be running on 2 cpus. When a
second job is run on the express queue, the 2 jobs on the subordinate queue
are suspended until one of the express jobs finishes. 

This scenario is better than setting 1 max slot, because you can have the
scenario where 1 job will be running on 1 cpu, with 1 cpu idle (2 jobs in a
subordinate queue are suspended when I job is reached). 3 on 1 is a better
scenario but still not optimal.

The only way around this I can think of is setting up a queue for every job
slot/cpu. I'm not sure that is a good idea. 

Suggestions appreciated.
Patrice Seyed
Linux System Administrator - LINGA
Boston University School of Medicine 

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