[GE users] Enchanced SGE-SSH integration

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 7 05:20:13 BST 2004

I know many people were waiting for this :)

It is not the final version, and you will need to
build both SGE and OpenSSH from source in order to
play with it, and it also requires your hacking

- SGE:     5.3p5
- OpenSSH: 3.7.1p2

(Of course newer versions exist)

1) compile OpenSSH on your system, install it (use
--prefix to point to a different location so that it
won't overwrite the default one).

2) compile SGE source.

3) goto:

4) modify sshd.c in your OpenSSH source.

5) put sgessh.c in your OpenSSH source directory, and
compile with "gcc -c"

6) collect the needed object files for "libsgessh.a"

7) recompile sshd, and make will complain about
missing symbols, so copy and paste the compile
command, add "sgessh.o" that you've just compiled to
the list of object files. Also, link against

7) if you are not confused at this stage, you would be
able to use the new sshd as your rsh_daemon,

8) do a "qrsh":
% qrsh id
uid=1266(ron) gid=500(users) groups=500(users),20048

note the extra gid at the end :)


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