[GE announce] Grid Engine 5.3p6 is ready for download

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Wed Apr 7 14:54:53 BST 2004

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                   Grid Engine 5.3p6 is ready for download
                    Regensburg, Germany -- April  7, 2004

Grid Engine (SGE) 5.3p6 is ready. SGE 5.3p6 is a maintenance patch release
which is fully compatible with SGE 5.3. This release is available as a
courtesy binary distribution from Sun Microsystems at the project download

This patch release changes the binaries and the architecture independent
files ("common" package). The unchanged PDF documentation set for SGE and
SGEEE is provided by Sun Microsystems as a courtesy contribution for users
of the Grid Engine open source software.

This release also fixes multiple vulnerabilites of the OpenSSL library
0.9.7c. This fix only affects users who run Grid Engine with OpenSSL support
enabled ("CSP mode").

For more information about the the openSSL vulnerabilites see the CERT?
Advisory from March 17, 2004


A list of bugfixes for this release can be found at


Users who want to access the corresponding source code need to checkout the
CVS tag "V53p6_TAG" in the branch of the CVS repository "V53_beta2_BRANCH"

A snapshot of the Grid Engine 5.3p6 sources is available as a source tarball
at the File Exchange Tool


as file sge-V53p6_TAG-src.tar.gz.

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