[GE users] Virtual Memory Ceiling on SGI Altix

Tim tim_mueller at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 8 02:28:33 BST 2004

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I'm trying to use SGE EE on an SGI Altix with 12 Itanium processors, 24 GB of memory, running 64-bit Linux (kernel 2.4.21-sgi230r7). I am using the pre-compiled IA64 binaries downloaded from sunsource.net. I need to have a very large limit for virtual memory (ideally unlimited).  However, when I submit a job to the Grid Engine queue, the queue refuses to set any resource limit above 4 GB. 

This is not a limit of the operating system; my code will run fine from the command line if I set the limits to "unlimited". I have also successfully set the virtual memory limit to 32 GB from the command line. To get the same results in the queue, I have tried using ulimit commands in my batch script and setting the process limits via qmon.  No matter what I do, if I ask for a limit of INFINTY (or any limit above 4GB) the queue sets a hard limit of 4GB.

My guess is that this might have something to do with setrlimit vs setrlimit64, but I'm pretty lost. I thought the below issue might be similar:


I'd appreciate any help.


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