[GE users] Does SGE work with IBM/Rational ClearCase ? Reply to Ron Chen

T.J. Yang tj_yang at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 15 12:16:17 BST 2004

>I forgot what kind of problems you got last year, but
>I'm to lazy to search the old mails. (btw, would be
>nice to have google's 1GB webmail account with its
>search functionality)

I will summerize my issue in another email. for historical
reason please got to url here,


and type "clearcase". it will bring up all the email threads abouit my 
trying to setup clearcase in my test environment.

>Since you said that clearcase has its own distributed
>compilation methods, why not use it with SGE?

This is a least favorable approach, I am expecting qmake can
parse the clearmake's  makefile and distribute the independent
tasks to the "clearsecase execution hosts".

>I think you can ask SGE to give you a number of hosts,
>and you tell clearcase to use those provided by SGE
>instead of a static list.

I need to refresh my SGE knowledge to understand this.


Thanks for your reply

T.J. Yang

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