[GE users] Reservations in 6.0

Sean Dilda agrajag at dragaera.net
Thu Apr 15 15:08:49 BST 2004

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Looking in the manpage for qsub in the 6.0 beta, I saw this:

       -R y|n Available for qsub, qrsh, qsh, qlogin and qalter.
              Indicates whether a reservation for this  job  should  be 
              Reservation  is  never  done  for immediate jobs submitted
              ???yes??? with -now option. Please note irrespective of the
              tion  request job reservation might be disabled using
              vation in sched_conf(5) and might be limited only to  a 
              number of high prior jobs.
              By default jobs are submitted with -R n option.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what exactly is meant by a 'reservation'. 
How does SGE handle a job with '-R y' as opposed to a job with '-R n'?



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