[GE users] resource management

Ara.T.Howard Ara.T.Howard at noaa.gov
Thu Apr 22 04:04:22 BST 2004

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Ron Chen wrote:

> Why not create one queue per disk, and each queue is
> allowed to run one job.
> ie. you will get 2 queues per host:
> diskA.q
> diskB.q
> Then by looking at the $QUEUE environment variable,
> the job can figure out which disk is allocated to it.
> You can add a load sensor to report the free disk
> space for each queue, and even close/disable/suspend
> the queue if the free disk space falls below the
> requirement.
>  -Ron

if i understand you correctly, this is problematic for two reasons:

  - i cannot know apriori which host to run on
  - i cannot know apriori which disk of a particular host to run on

in otherwords, given the above, how would i say

  qsub -l 'any host' -l 'any of two disks' job

it seems i would need to know both the host and disk to submit to, wouldn't i?

i would like to associate each of the disks with a host as a resource and be
able to say:

  qsub -l "disk_a=${required_space} or disk_b=${required_space}" ... job

but it seems that logical && is all i get...

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