[GE users] resource management

Ara.T.Howard Ara.T.Howard at noaa.gov
Thu Apr 22 14:21:49 BST 2004

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Ron Chen wrote:

> May be you need to understand the way that SGE schedules jobs to queues.
> After that you can go back to my previous email and try to understand it.
> In SGE, the "queues" are just job containers, so you *don't* submit to a
> queue, but SGE picks a queue for you.
> If you have never played with adding queues before, you can use "qconf -aq"
> to create a queue for your host. Then submit jobs and make sure there are
> more jobs than the number of slots in the cluster, monitor how SGE schedules
> jobs to queues closely with qstat.
> I think you will be able to understand the "queue" concept after you have
> played with it rather than always  use the default one created by SGE during
> installation.
> After you understand the a bit confusing queue concept, the rest will be
> easy. You attach the free space for each disk to the queue, and you don't
> need to worry about the disk any more.
> If you submit a job like:
> qsub -l "disk=${required_space}" script
> SGE will be able to find a queue (ie. a disk) for that job.
>  -Ron

yes - this does make sense now.  it's essential that the resource requested
(disk or whatever) only be served by the new queues, and that those queues
arr configured to run job each.  i think this might work.

btw.  this in effect does give a boolean OR - nice.

i'm new (very) to SGE and was trying to solve this problem using only
resources, can i assume that it's pretty normal to be setting up/tearing down
queues for specific jobs (i mean our job, not an SGE one) like this?

i'm going to give this approach a try anyhow - thanks for the info.

there certainly are alot of docs - but they are a bit scattered...

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