[GE users] 50,000 downloads!!!

Fritz Ferstl Friedrich.Ferstl at Sun.COM
Thu Apr 22 15:37:08 BST 2004


the Grid Engine open source project exceeded 50,000 downloads of the
binaries as per last week and since its inception in Summer 2001.

Important to note:

- The 50K is raw per package and includes all kinds of duplicate
  downloads to the same site (several binary platforms, updates of
  versions, sites using open source binaries together with the SDLC
  packages, etc.)

- But even if we had it cleaned up, it still would be an impressive number
  of sites that uses the open source distribution.

- Compared to download numbers of Java or OpenOffice, 50K may seem small,
  but keep in mind that typical sites have Grid Engine installed on Grids
  ranging from dozens to thousands of CPUs. Also, Grid Engine is not
  a desktop application but a rather an admin level IT infrastructure

- Other channels for the open source distro not counted here are the
  inclusion in the ROCKS package or the SuSE Linux Cluster CD.

- It's also interesting to know that there's an actually even bigger number
  of downloads of the free and compatible Sun distribution (for Solaris and
  Linux) from the Sun download center.

Thanks to the users for your continued support and to the developers for
making it happen!



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