[GE users] Subsidiary qmake with different resource requirements?

Joachim Gabler joga at sun.com
Fri Apr 23 11:15:45 BST 2004

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Hi Göran,

Göran Uddeborg wrote:

>Is there any way to start new qmake jobs from qmake with different
>resource requirements than the first?  This Makefile gives you an
>  all: lx24-x86 hp11
>  hp11:
>	qmake -l arch=hp11 -- sometarget
>  lx24-x86:
>	qmake -l arch=lx24-x86 -- sometarget
>If I run this job with something like "qmake -v PATH -pe make 1- --",
>the resource settings are overridden by the implicit -inherit flag
>added.  Is there any way to avoid this and say "I really mean a
>different architecture!"?
qmake does a detection of recursive make calls.
It assumes that recursive make calls shall be executed in the same 
parallel job as the main make
and therefore will start the sub qmake calls as child processes.

Detection of recursive make calls is done by parsing the commandline and 
looking for make calls.
If you want to get your qmake calls scheduled as separate jobs, you can 
try to create a wrapper script around
qmake and call this wrapper script. The script name should _not_ contain 
The script could look like the following:
exec qmake $*

The SGE 6.0 qmake has a number of enhancements, that will probably meet 
your needs much better:
1. You can call qmake without specifying a parallel environment.
In this case, qmake will generate a qrsh job for each rule instead of 
starting a task in the parallel environment (qrsh -inherit)
2. You can specify resource requests for each rule separately.
The syntax is

target: dependencies
    SGE_RREQ="-l arch=lx24-x86" myapplication args

Please find a description of the dynamic allocation mode in the qmake 
man page.

This feature is available in the maintrunk and the SGE 6.0 beta2 coming 

Best regards,


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