[GE users] notes on building Grid Engine 6.0beta2 from CVS source for Mac OS X 10.3.3

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Sat Apr 24 23:52:16 BST 2004

{for what it's worth...}

The courtesy binaries for Mac OS X hosted on the gridengine website are 
apparently built on a 10.2 based Apple machine. Ever since the project 
started officially posting the binaries I've had good success using them 
with the exception being I could rarely get the X11 GUI application 
'qmon' to launch successfully.

I sat down today with a fresh CVS checkout of the sge-6.0beta2 source 
code and managed to get everything built, installed and running on a 
10.3.3 powerbook. The obligatory screenshot for this sort of thing can 
be found at http://bioteam.net/dag/sge-6-screenshot.jpg

The notes kept during this process have been placed online at:

Hope this helps someone or at least saves a bit of time!


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