[GE users] resource management (resending to the list)

Ara.T.Howard Ara.T.Howard at noaa.gov
Mon Apr 26 16:49:47 BST 2004

On Mon, 26 Apr 2004, Chris Dagdigian wrote:

> > my delima is that if i simply added 50 or so more lines of code to the
> > above logic i could simply spawn the commands via ssh and not use sge at
> > all...  which is what i am currently doing.  my hope was to leverage the
> > volume of code sge contains, but it seems that the lever is a bit short
> > with the current version of sge...
> Many people building appliance type compute farms that are dedicated to 
> a single user, task or workflow find early on that the 'roll your own' 
> approach is easier, faster or better fitted to their needs than a more 
> general distributed resource management system like grid engine etc.
> The value of grid engine and similar systems is seen later on when:
>   o the original developer of the homegrown system leaves
>   o the existing system needs to be extended in functionality or size
>   or most often:
>   o The cluster/farm makes the switch from a single user or single 
> workflow to having to support multiple groups, users and projects.
> The added complexity, operational and management overhead that a more 
> general purpose DRM system becomes easily justified when the workflow 
> needs to take an unexpected direction or new user groups pop up 
> seemingly from nowhere :)
> It is not an either/or decision usually. The 'homegrown' or specialized 
> task farming systems can coexist with Grid Engine serving up resources 
> to the rest of the users/jobs.
> My $.02
> -Chris

thanks for the input... i'm weighing these ideas carefully right now for my

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