[GE users] Need Assistance with a couple of problems

Boyd McKee Mickey Kamer mickey.kamer at optdatainc.com
Fri Apr 30 16:33:24 BST 2004

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Hello to all,

I have Grid Engine setup and running. I can submit jobs from both qmon and
the command line. However I need something else...

I have a need to use SGE for a replacement to CRON because of the dependency
features. However, I have read, and re-read the manual looking for a way to
use SGE in this fashion. I know I am not getting something after reading the
bulk of mail to the list, and searching the archives.

Here is what I have.

1.) Dual Proc AMD 1600 MP
2.) Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1
3.) SGE 5.3
4.) 1 Gig Ram
5.) 4 36 Gig HD SCSI RAID

Problem One:
When accessing the server via TightVNC to use qmon the qmon interface shows
no fonts. When sitting at the machine the qmon shows fonts. No other
application on the machine does this, any suggestions?

Problem Two:
SGE runs jobs once they are submitted either through qmon or qsub. However,
what if I want a job to run at different times. Using qmon I see nothing
that would allow me to set a job to run at say 3:00 AM on Tuesday the 5th of
January 2005. Or have a job repeat its self every hour on the hour. I am
sorry for posting something like this to you all that are using SGE for more
precise and defined tasks.


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