[GE users] Problems with qmon!

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Tue Aug 3 13:00:46 BST 2004


please send a stack trace of the debugger

    % dbx <path_to_qmon> core
    > where

Could you run qmon of SGE 5.3 on Tru64 sucessfully?

Which machine is your $DISPLAY host? Is it the Tru64 machine?

Which OS version does your Tru64 machine run?

Please opne a new Issuezilla Iusse and paste my questions and your answers in
the bug description.


> Hello, I have install SGE 6.0 in True64, but I have some problems with qmon.
> I can modify the configuration of the queues, but I can't save it. When the
> SGE has been running several days, the button 'Queue Control' result in:
>  Floating point exception(core dumped) qmon
> This is the output the 'truss qmon':
> sigaction(SIGFPE, 0x11FF8588, 0x00000000)       = 0
>    Received signal #8, SIGFPE [default]
>      siginfo: SIGFPE
>                                                Err#136 Error 136 occurred.
>        *** process killed ***
> Thanks

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