[GE users] SGE6 and priorities

John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Tue Aug 3 20:28:30 BST 2004

	In previous versions, we used priority extensively and dynamically as a way 
to allow any given task to jump ahead of another.  It was fast and easy.  
Things have changed with SGE6 - throughout the docs I see repeated references 
to "priority allows the user to change priority *within their own jobs*".  
This infers that if I'm running a series of jobs, someone else could set 
their priority to +1000 and still not jump ahead of me because it only 
applies relatively to their own jobs.  Practical experimentation seems to 
indicate this *isn't* true, though - I can change it on the fly and 
regardless of who you are, multiple user's jobs can jump ahead or fall behind 
as before.

	Am I misunderstanding the docs?  I know there's a lot more flexibility in 
there now, but all we really need for now is the ability to say "job X is pri 
= -20, job Y is pri = -10.   Y will run before X".  Should we continue to use 
the -p setting as before?  I'd like to avoid having to manage whole new 
layers of this.

	Also, there's now a delay - a job first submitted will remain with a priority 
of zero until "processed", and then is assigned a positive floating point 
value between zero and one - which doesn't jive with the priority settings of 
+-1024.  This is confusing...seems that these should have different names if 
they are in fact different measurements...



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