[GE users] SGE6 and priorities

Stephan Grell stephan.grell at sun.com
Wed Aug 4 07:11:44 BST 2004

Hi John,

it sounds like the docs are too restrictive. The "qsub -p" option will 
weight the submited job with all other
jobs in the sytem and not only the ones of the job owner. The function 
does exactly what you want.

The second part of your question is true. Since you can configure 
multiple priority policies and weight
them against each other, one has to weight for a scheduler run to get 
the final weighting.


John Coldrick wrote:

>	In previous versions, we used priority extensively and dynamically as a way 
>to allow any given task to jump ahead of another.  It was fast and easy.  
>Things have changed with SGE6 - throughout the docs I see repeated references 
>to "priority allows the user to change priority *within their own jobs*".  
>This infers that if I'm running a series of jobs, someone else could set 
>their priority to +1000 and still not jump ahead of me because it only 
>applies relatively to their own jobs.  Practical experimentation seems to 
>indicate this *isn't* true, though - I can change it on the fly and 
>regardless of who you are, multiple user's jobs can jump ahead or fall behind 
>as before.
>	Am I misunderstanding the docs?  I know there's a lot more flexibility in 
>there now, but all we really need for now is the ability to say "job X is pri 
>= -20, job Y is pri = -10.   Y will run before X".  Should we continue to use 
>the -p setting as before?  I'd like to avoid having to manage whole new 
>layers of this.
>	Also, there's now a delay - a job first submitted will remain with a priority 
>of zero until "processed", and then is assigned a positive floating point 
>value between zero and one - which doesn't jive with the priority settings of 
>+-1024.  This is confusing...seems that these should have different names if 
>they are in fact different measurements...
>	Cheers,
>	J.C.

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