[GE users] [#2] SGE6 Submitting Jobs

Shannon V. Davidson svdavidson at swbell.net
Wed Aug 4 14:30:39 BST 2004


Try the following:

   1. Install GE on hal-n1 (qmaster+exec-host), hal-n2 (exec-host), and
      hal-n3 (exec-host)
   2. Make sure the all.q queue is configured with slots=1 and the qtype
      includes INTERACTIVE
   3. Configure qrsh to use ssh -
   4. Use qrsh to submit your Vmware script

# . <sge_root>/default/common/settings.sh
# qrsh /root/scripts/vmaster2.sh
# qrsh /root/scripts/vmaster2.sh
# qrsh /root/scripts/vmaster2.sh

If you want the qrsh command to wait until a node is free, take a look 
at -now n qrsh(1) option.


Rory_Savage.consultant at peoplesoft.com wrote:

>    I am fairly new to GE, and I am trying to see if it can do something
>which I feel is faily simple.   I have a three node cluster:  hal-n1,
>hal-n2, hal-n3 (whereas hal-n1 is the sge-master).  I want to be able to
>submit vmware jobs to hal-n1, and to have each new and additional jobs
>start-up on hal-n2, and hal-n3.  Vmware is locally installed and configured
>on every node, and can execute manually via a script file I called
>vmaster2.sh exports the DISPLAY variable back to hal-n1, so you can run the
>console off hal-n1 - so it doesn't matter if vmware is running from hal-n1,
>hal-n2, or hal-n3, they are all displaying on hal-n1.
>Manually if I want to run three instances of Vmware I do this from hal-n1:
>hal-n1#  /root/scripts/vmaster2.sh
>hal-n1# ssh hal-n2 /root/scripts/vmaster2.sh
>hal-n1# ssh hal-n3 /root/scripts/vmaster2.sh
>But I would like GE to run "/root/scripts/vmaster2.sh" on which ever node
>is "free" .. so that in the end, I will be able to start adding more and
>more vmware machines, and GE will launch each new process on the node with
>the best enviornment.
>BTW - I am doing all of this from QMON++
>Please Advise!!!
>Rory Savage
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