[GE users] questions about setting up SGE6.0

Shaila Parashar shaila at engr.colostate.edu
Fri Aug 6 17:23:24 BST 2004


We recently received 2 SUN 6800's with 24 processors each and are
planning to setup the SGE v6 on it.  We have already setup SGEEE v5.3
on a cluster of SUN  Blade machines. But I just wanted advice as to
what would be the best way to configure the 6800's so as to utilize
the computing power efficiently. We are planning to setup domains on
the servers. So, should we consider these domains as separate hosts
and then create cluster queues on them.
I just needed ideas from people who have already set such systems up.
Any idea/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.  Or links to any
related documentation would be appreciated.

Also , we are in the process of writing our own portal to the system.
The programmers would like to know what language they should use to
create the hooks to the Grid Engine.

Thanks in advance .


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