Re(2): [GE users] Restart job on suspend

Reuti reuti at
Tue Aug 10 09:48:43 BST 2004

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>But, when a job is suspended, it didn't use CPU time anymore, but it 
>remains in memory, doesn't it ?
>Some jobs can use a lot of RAM and if they didn't restore it back during 
>their suspension, it can be inconvenient for users.

Ohh, I see. Over time they should get swapped to the swap-space I think, but 
the memory consumption for SGE is of  course still allocated. Although it's not 
a hard limit, you could introduce a complex like night_memory and day_memory, 
to avoid oversubscription during each time period.

Otherwise you could really write a suspend method with the two commands I 
suggested first (you don't need the qrls - sorry). Put the absolute path to the 
script (beginning with /) into suspend_method together with $job_id, and you 
can use $1 in the script. (man queue_conf)


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