AW: [GE users] max number of jobs per user per queue

Reuti reuti at
Tue Aug 10 16:53:13 BST 2004

Stephan Grell - Sun Germany - SSG - Software Engineer wrote:

> Yes, I thought about the same thing, but one needs to configure one pe 
> for each user. Is this not the same overhead as
> haveing one queue per user? Except, that qstat will still be usable.

It's indeed the same overhead. But with a PE, this one slot is 
'floating' on the grid (one/two CPU machines). If you have one dedicated 
queue per user bound to one machine (with one slot), it is likely to 
happen, that exactly this node will be down for any reason.

I first thought about a SMP system, when I red the question. There one 
queue per user would be really the same as having one PE per user.

qstat is usable in both setups I think:

-one queue for each user on one dedicated machine: okay, just look at 
this queue
-one PE for each user: look what's running in the cluster queue 
"very_long", to which all 'user-PEs' are bound


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