[GE users] license consumption

Vladimir vlists at veus.hr
Thu Aug 12 18:46:50 BST 2004

Patrice Seyed wrote:

>So assuming users are running Software x through SGE i.e. in the scripts
>they qsub, what is the mechanism in this configuration you linked that ties
>the use this software into running it? What prevents a user from executing
>it in their qsub script without providing a switch (vl=1) to request/consume

Unfortunately this is part of user education ie. all the people who need 
to use ie. Verilog Simulator will need to be educated to provide vl=1 on 
the command line. Unless somehow you are able to figure out in 
sge_prolog that a person wanted to use VS but didn't supply the proper 

Another alternative we have used is to provide a wrapper for the command 
that submits everything through SGE ie.

Normally users would invoke command vsim directly. Instead we renamed 
vsim to vsim_exec and made vsim a shell script that does e.g.

qsub -l vl=1 vsim_exec $*

We also have couple checks to make sure vsim has not already been sent 
through SGE ie. you could do check for specific SGE variables like 
JOB_ID. If those are present we don't do qsub but simply execute vsim_exec.


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