[GE users] Question about submitting to a queue with a hostgroup

Smith Gary-GSMITH1 Gary.R.Smith at motorola.com
Fri Aug 13 21:42:04 BST 2004

Hi all,
I have three queues defined on our SGE 6.0 grid, low medium, and high and
three host groups @Dell, @HP, and @P550. The queues low, medium, and high
have a host list made up of the hostgroups @Dell, @HP and @P550. I can
submit to low, medium, or high with no difficulty. However, when I submit
to, say,  <mailto:low@@Dell> low@@Dell either thru qmon in the "Hard Queue
List" or from with command line with "-hard -q low@@Dell", the job goes into
the pending state and stays there. When I click on the "Why" button in qmon,
I get messages stating, "cannot run in queue instance "low at hostname
<mailto:low at hostname> " because it is not contained in its hard queue list
(-q)" Do I not have the hostgroups and queues not set up correctly or is
this not a feature of hostgroups that can be used to submit jobs?
Thanks for the help,
Gary Smith

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