[GE users] resource temporarily not availalble

Don Shesnicky dshesnicky at enqsemi.com
Mon Aug 16 17:04:40 BST 2004

My paritition that has my sge on it filled up, ever since then I cannot
see to get the system working
correctly again. The first problem was hostname related but between, the
hosts file, the /etc/sysconfig/network,
the /etc/nsswitch.conf, the /etc/hosts.conf file, uname -n/hostname
-n/hostname -d/hostname -f, I finally worked
that out but the execution hosts are still having problems. What would
cause the qstat -j jobid to return the following,
I've checked out it's naming and it seems find, re-installed it and
still getting the below:
scheduling info:     queue instance "d.norm at iris.enqsemi.com" dropped
because it is temporarily not available
                            queue instance "d.norm at dexter.enqsemi.com"
dropped because it is temporarily not available

Systems are redhat 7.2, 2.4.7-10smp kernel.

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