[GE users] "messages" log of qmaster

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Tue Aug 17 07:48:21 BST 2004


that's certainly a bug - to fix it it would be helpful to get some ideas
how to reproduce it.

Which SGE version are you using?

Does it happen after restarting the scheduler?

Can you set the loglevel to "log_info" - may be this gives more insight
what's going on.


> hello,
> Every second, the master write this two lines in the "messages" log:
> ----------------------------------------------------
> 08/16/2004 11:24:23|qmaster|catleya|E|can't get task id
> 08/16/2004 11:24:23|qmaster|catleya|E|reinitialization of "scheduler"
> ----------------------------------------------------
> I have two questions:
> 1. What is the problem related in the log ? (I have to precise that 
> everything is alright with SGE in my cluster)
> 2. How to prevent SGE to write in the log file so often ?
> Reuti wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> our dual Pentium 4 Xeon 40 node cluster. The cluster is working on
>>> bioinformatics applications that are developed using perl scripts that 
>>> call
>>> each other and wait for each other to finish. Hence at any given point 
>>> of
>>> time there are many executing scripts that are actually waiting and this
>>> increases the load average artificially. If I increase my load_threshold 
>>> on
>> can you provide some more details about your scripts? They startup as 
>> serial jobs, and then they are starting something in the background and 
>> polling for the results?
>> Reuti

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