[GE users] n1ge6: cannot run any jobs

Olesen, Mark Mark.Olesen at arvinmeritor.com
Tue Aug 17 10:44:15 BST 2004

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This is quite humiliating, but I'm not managing to start any jobs at all!
The jobs get sent, but go into a error state before starting.

	OS = Linux, SuSE 8.2
	Spooling = classic
	Version  = n1ge6

Job 19 caused action: Job 19 set to ERROR
 User        = olesen
 Queue       = cfd.q at dealc09.zeunastaerker.de
 Host        = dealc09.zeunastaerker.de
 Start Time  = <unknown>
 End Time    = <unknown>
failed assumedly before job:AFS token does not exist or has zero length
Shepherd pe_hostfile: dealc09.zeunastaerker.de 1
cfd.q at dealc09.zeunastaerker.de UNDEFINED

Sometimes the job set the queue instance in an error state, but not

Another interesting observation:
When I submit a job with -l resource=xx, where resource is a complex
reported via a load sensor,
I receive the message that the complex is unknown.
This is very strange, especially considering that 'qstat -F' reports the
correct value for the complex.

My only change in the complex (versus v5.3) is that I've dropped 'value' and
added 'urgency' ... but I cannot imagine that this is the problem.

What am I doing wrong? Or should I just wait to the first patch?

Dr. Mark Olesen
Thermofluid Dynamics Analyst
ArvinMeritor Light Vehicle Systems
Zeuna Staerker GmbH & Co. KG
Biberbachstr. 9
D-86154 Augsburg, GERMANY
tel: +49 (821) 4103 - 862
fax: +49 (821) 4103 - 7862
Mark.Olesen at ArvinMeritor.com

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