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Magnus Söderberg magnus.soderberg at switchcore.com
Wed Aug 18 08:00:39 BST 2004

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Although I don't know if it may contribute to your problem, it might be a good idea to 
move the calculation of the load value to the start of the script, then wait for input and 
return the value. The reason is that the script might be too slow to work with SGE otherwise.
Checking the number of logins shouldn't be a big deal of course, but I had a problem with 
a perl-script checking for license consumption on a FlexLM server. It worked perfectly 
when I ran it manually to check, but failed when SGE ran it because of the delay when 
parsing FLexLM output.
Took me a while to figure out.

Dev wrote:
>>>This is what I have done
>>>created a shell script
>>>myhost=`uname -n`
>>>while [ 1 ]; do
>>>    # wait for input
>>>    read input
>>>    result=$?
>>>    if [ $result != 0 ]; then
>>>         exit 1
>>>    fi
>>>    if [ $input = "quit" ]; then
>>>         exit 0
>>>    fi
>>>    #send users logged in
>>>    logins=`who -q | tail -1 | cut -d = -f 2`    <<--- move this line up
>>>    echo begin
>>>    echo "$myhost:ge_load:$logins"
>>>    echo end
>>># we never get here
>>>exit 0


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