[GE users] Scheduling of long jobs

Patrice Seyed apseyed at bu.edu
Thu Aug 19 18:44:02 BST 2004


I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on dealing with jobs submitted by
users that last for weeks and months. The scenario that I want to try to
avoid is having one user submit 1000 or so jobs, filling up all the queues
for a long period of time.

I am using SGEE 5.3, and what I have done so far is deployed the concept of
"express" queues, where jobs submitted to these queues, when two or more
jobs, suspend jobs in the regular queues until there is 1 or less in the
express queue, but have a 2 hour limits in the express queue. Since my
machines are dual cpued I could not do hierachial queues, in terms of
walltime, unless I made a queue for each job slot. Also I am aware of the
max job per user limit, this can help but since it is a hard limit it also
can restrict when queues are open.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Patrice Seyed
Linux System Administrator - LINGA
Boston University Medical Campus

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