[GE users] Using more than one qrsh -inherit parallel on the same host

Thomas Neumann neumann at exasol.com
Fri Aug 20 16:13:26 BST 2004

Bogdan Costescu wrote:

>>qrsh -inherit host1 sleep 60 &
>>qrsh -inherit host1 hostname
>The number of simultaneous 'qrsh -inherit' to the same host is limited 
>to the number of slots allocated for the job on that node. So if SGE 
>has allocated 2 slots on host1, the above commands should both 
>succeed. If SGE allocated only 1 slot on host1, the first command 
>should succeed and the second should fail.

Thanks for the anwer. Now I'm looking for a way to influence the number 
of slots on each machine. What I need is for example 16 slots on 4 
machines. Setting up the parallel environment, it seems that I only have 
a possibility to influence the maximum and minimum number of slots. When 
submitting the job the pe is named with a range of slots, but I didn't 
find a rule how to allocate them. Can somebody tell me how to solve this 
or where I have to look for a solution?


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