[GE users] GEmonitor web interface to qstat

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Mon Aug 23 07:46:24 BST 2004


the link


doesn't exit. Which one is the correct one? Are there any other pages with a
description and screenshots of the Rocks console (ROCO? ;-) regarding its
SGE support?


On Sun, 22 Aug 2004, Laurence Liew wrote:

> Hi...
> In Rocks 3.1, we have developed a Rocks console which provides a web-based 
> cluster management and SGE faility... for the SGE part it includes nearly all 
> the qmon features such as queue monitoring, job submission, complex 
> (pe,calendar etc) configuration.... job submission including specifcation of 
> serial, array and parallel jobs including attributes etc..
> Unfortunately the SGE web portion is closely tight to the Rocks 
> architecture..... if you want the web SGE... you need to install and run a 
> Rocks cluster....
> You can download Rocks Console (RxC) from www.scalablesystems.com... it is 
> free for academic, non-commercial use. There are screen shots in the 
> technical brochure... here 
> http://www.scalablesystems.com/articles/TechnicalBrochure.pdf
> If there is interest to have the tool run independent of Rocks... let me 
> know... I will see what I can do..
> Cheers!
> laurence
> Scalable Systems
> Singapore
> Jesse Becker wrote:
>> In the wee hours of the morning, Ron Chen spaketh:
>>> I remember you mentioned about putting the web
>>> interface to SourceForge, I just want to see how many
>>> people are interested? I was thinking about adding a
>>> project for "SGE Add-ons" -- things like web
>>> interfaces, load sensors, other enchancements, and
>>> also my SSH-SGE integration -- can be
>>> downloaded/tested by other people.
>> Yes, please.
>> The ROCKS project (http://rocksclusters.org/) also has a nifty SGE queue 
>> viewing system in version 3.2.0.
>> --
>> Jesse Becker GPG-fingerprint:  BD00 7AA4 4483 AFCC 82D0  2720 0083 0931 
>> 9A2B 06A2

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