[GE users] access to load values in custom load script

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Tue Aug 24 14:39:24 BST 2004


>> There is no interface which exports the execd retrieved load values to the
>> load sensor script, however the utility <sge_root>/utilbin/<arch>/loadcheck
>> is a standalone binary which retrieves most if not all) execd builtin load
>> values.
> thanks for the hint, I wasn't aware of it. But is there any documentation
> about all the tools somewhere (besides the built in help in each tool)? I
> couldn't find it mentioned neither in the .pdf doc nor in any README.

I think you mean the binaries in utilbin/<arch>. Indeed they are not very
well documented. Probably only sge_share_mon is the only tool which might
have a benefit for a broader audience. However for sge_share_mon there is no
man page available yet and you need to play with it to see what it does.

The spool*/db_* binaries are needed for the installation/backup/maintenance.
"spooledit" is a yet quite rude tool to edit a a BDB database.
"berkeley_db_svc" is the BDB RPC server.

I think for all other utilities in that directory their usage should be
quite easy to figure out.


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