[GE users] Scheduler info after the fact?

Shannon V. Davidson svdavidson at swbell.net
Thu Aug 26 14:37:58 BST 2004

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Did all of these jobs have the same resource requirements?

Stephan Grell - Sun Germany - SSG - Software Engineer wrote:

> Beth Meyer wrote:
>> Is there a way to determine, after a job has finished, why it was 
>> given a certain priority? I've set up a very simple system that uses 
>> the priority flag (-p) in combination with the share tree to schedule 
>> jobs. There are essentially 3 projects, projectA and projectB each 
>> have a 40% share, while projectC has a 20% share.  Jobs are submitted 
>> with a priority of 90,60,30, or -10.
>> What I expected was that all jobs submitted with a priority of 90 
>> would run, then all jobs with a priority of 60, then 30, then -10. 
>> Within each individual priority band, I expected that jobs would sort 
>> according to the share tree.  This mostly works, except that one job 
>> from projectA with a priority of 40 was scheduled before 2 jobs from 
>> projectC that had a priority of 60. 2 other jobs from projectA that 
>> also had a priority of 40 ran after the priority 60 projects from 
>> projectB. 
> Hm... my assumption is,
> that projectC exceeded its usage shares. The share tree takes the job 
> usage into account for making its decision. Assuming that
> much more jobs of projcetC ran, that its 20%, the share tree would 
> start promoting the other two projects a lot. What you see, might
> be the fact, that the share tree managed to move a job from its band 
> to a higher band. But than.. with your weighting factors, I do not
> see, how that could happen.
> What was your your distribution?
> Cheers,
> Stephan
>> I would like to know how much the share tree and priority contributed 
>> to the scheduling order of these particular jobs, so I can make 
>> adjustments where needed.  The Policy Importance Factor is set to 
>> Priority = 1, urgency = .0 and tickets = .01, there are 1000 share 
>> tree tickets, and no override or functional tickets. I am using SGEEE 
>> 6.0u1
>> Beth

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