[GE users] notification about jobs which are unable to start

Schulz, Henrik H.Schulz at fz-rossendorf.de
Fri Aug 27 13:18:20 BST 2004

Dear all!

I have the following problem (SGE 6.0):

In our grid there are two queues, one for jobs with h_rt<=24:0:0 and one
for longer running jobs.
A user normally starts his job with qsub -l h_rt=... job.sh, so his job
gets into one of the two queues.
But the user can also use qsub -q LONG job.sh or qsub -q SHORT job.sh
and gets into this queue.
But in the case of using this command:
qsub -q SHORT -l h_rt=25:0:0 job.sh
the users job will be queued forever, because no adequate queue is

Is there a possibility to reject such requests by the grid engine? 

Henrik Schulz
Abteilung Kommunikation und Datenverarbeitung
Forschungszentrum Rossendorf e.V.
01314 Dresden
E-Mail: H.Schulz at fz-rossendorf.de
Tel.: +49 351 260-3268
Fax : +49 351 260-2048

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